The fashion industry has a long way to go towards becoming 100% sustainable, as it currently emits 10% of all carbon emissions, and is the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply. These carbon emissions contribute towards higher pollution levels, global warming, and 2.1 billion tons of waste, according to WWF.

At LABELL-D, we sell clothing which is "Worth the Wear", and takes the planet, the people, and each brand’s commitment to sustainability into account. Sustainability in fashion is our top priority, and our mission is to change the status quo so that the fashion industry itself is fundamentally altered to match our company’s values.

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition recently set a target of a 45% reduction in emissions by 2030. Major changes need to be implemented in the coming years to improve the fashion industry’s environmental standards. LABELL-D is helping to lead the way for more fashion companies to prioritise sustainability and championing things like workers’ rights and gender equality.

Some might say the most sustainable outcome for the planet would be to stop production of clothing altogether, however at LABELL-D we believe that clothing can co-exist with the environment and our planet when produced and distributed in the right manner. 

Although sustainability is a complex topic, we believe the conversations surrounding sustainability need to be simplified to being transparent and honest. Education is extremely important as part of this process.

We want our customers to get an understanding of how, where and with which raw materials each product on our website has been produced.

Join us in our journey towards a more responsible to shopping. 

Feel good. Look good. And know that what you wear is “Worth The Wear”.

June 10, 2021