Sporting giant Nike has released a new content series featuring conversations between some of the world’s prominent climate experts and young leaders.

‘Talking Trash’ explores the way people can contribute to helping the plant and gives practical solutions through meaningful conversations while inviting audiences to ‘think global, act locally.’

The series kicks off with singer/songwriter Billie Eilish and Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, a leading marine biologist and conservation strategist. The two discuss how to find the middle ground between their joys and skills while finding solutions to combat climate change while influencing a wider audience.

“I’ve signed petitions, I’ve gone to marches, I’ve talked about [climate change] in shows,” stated Billie Eilish in a release. “Geez, I have this way to stand in front of 60,000 people [in a concert] – I could say anything.”

Each episode features a young leader who has the power to speak up, take action, and shift the culture about saving the planet.

By Tess Stenzel from Fashion United.

April 26, 2021