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Size Guide

Running-inspired, the hylo LIGHT uses the latest engineering and material innovation to achieve all day comfort for the everyday athlete. Breathable, light, and seriously comfortable. Made using renewable materials such as sugarcane, corn and algae, the LIGHT is recyclable, vegan and has a carbon footprint of 6.56kg CO2e.​

Made In

  • Made in China


  • Upper:

    PLA (derived from Sugarcane), PLA (derived from Corn), Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Polyester, Cotton, Water-Based Glue, Polyester

  • Insole:

    EVA, Organic Cotton, Water-Based Ink

  • Midsole:

    Algae Bloom, EVA

  • Outsole:
    Natural Rubber, Outsole Binder

  • Laces

    Organic Cotton


  • Enjoy a cushioned landing and snug fit through the combination of our Corn Spring® midsole, Algae BloomTM insole and PLA upper
  • Made of just 16 components, the hylo LIGHT weighs just 240g. Our single-layered, engineered knit pattern ensures a flexible, lightweight feel
  • The hylo LIGHT’s engineered knit, PLA upper lets the entire foot breathe providing ventilation in any weather - during any activity
  • When you are finished with your shoes, you can send them back to us for recycling

Care Guide

The hylo LIGHT is machine-washable. Remove the insoles and place separately. Remove the laces and insert into a washbag alongside your shoes. Insert preferred detergent. Place on cold wash and air dry. Gently hand wash your insoles on their own with warm water.

Don’t put them in with anything else as this could impact or change the form of your shoes.


  • Fits true to size


      Established in 2020 to protect the future of running and sport, Hylo Athletics uses materials science to create products that deliver high performance for athletes and low impact for the planet.