Get in the loop

A closed loop fashion ecosystem. Making clothes go round while keeping the planet spinning.

Male model wearing Burberry's new Econyl Belt bag and model showcasing Stella McCartney's new sustainable reclypse sneakers

Buy it first-hand

Investment pieces. Designed to last. Bought first-hand from the sort of names that you pretend to be shy to say when someone asks you where they’re from.

Buy it second-hand

The same style. For less. Delivered with a unique Garment ID so you know exactly where it’s been before it catwalks into your wardrobe.

3 models each wearing a fully sustainable fashion outfits from the SS22 collection

Rent for an event

Sustainable fashion. For one-night only. Sort of like finding the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding. Without the next day feeling that you’ve divorced your bank account.

Model wearing Closed's new sustainable suede jacket with an Organic Basics blue crewneck sweatshirt

Sell it on

In the bank beats in the bin. Make money on items that are left hanging on the hanger, by selling seldom-worn pieces back into the loop.