How We Operate

The L-D Label

To make sustainability more accessible and easier for our customers to judge, we have introduced our own sustainability badge the L-D LABEL which assesses both product and brand sustainability performance.

Our Brands

We are very selective and discerning. We only list brands who are already walking the talk. Those brands who have prioritised sustainability as an ethos and who have already acted, as well as planning for the future. We review their commitments, programmes, achievements, and performance to date as well as their short and longer-term strategic planning.

Our products

On product we delve even deeper. We explore and review the entire supply chain process and the footprint and impact of the product itself. We ask brands to disclose their suppliers as well as their process. The Fashion industry encourages this as standard practice, and we believe it is an important first step towards significant and revolutionary change. For products, our verification assessment also includes materials, production processes, animal welfare, emissions, waste management, chemical usage, and traceability.

Our Board of Experts

To ensure best practice in the ever evolving and complex regulatory landscape, we appointed an external board of industry leading experts. Their role is to support us in the pursuit of absolute accuracy, integrity, and accountability in every stage of the sustainability accreditation process. This way you can trust that if a product or brand is featured on LABELL-D, it is authentically “Worth the Wear.”