The Fashion industry has the potential to be a positive role model by driving change for responsible and good consumption. We believe that sustainability should be a guiding value and a priority for the entire industry. Our customers want and expect this. But we cannot achieve this on our own.

If you share our values and support our vision, join our community today because we need you! Together we are stronger. The more voices there are, the more the industry will listen. Whether you are an activist, an organisation, or a brand, we want to hear from you. Let us collaborate creatively to hold the fashion industry accountable. We owe it to ourselves, to the planet and to future generations.

We know there is a huge desire to shop more responsibly but this is hampered by complexity, confusion, and mistrust. That is why our team includes world leading sustainability experts and we are here to help. Our aim is to be the reference for sustainable fashion, to cut through the noise and bring clarity to the sustainability conversation to help you make informed choices when you buy. This way you can be confident in your knowledge and the value of your purchases.

We have strong standards, and we expect the same of all brands on our site. Our selection process is rigorous, and we hold our partners accountable. We judge on transparency, actions, and commitments to date, as well as ambitions for the future. We partner with pioneers and changemakers, those who share our commitment to continuously improve and evolve. Because time will not stand still and nor should the fashion industry in our journey to net zero.

One of the strongest ways we can all make a stand is through the clothes we buy. Buying into the latest trend is often tempting but what we wear speaks volumes about our values as well as our style. Fast fashion is a defective cycle of waste that we need to exit and fast. 

That is why we want to inspire you with more responsible and sustainable alternatives. By showing you the real value of the products on our site, we hope to encourage you to choose something you will love, keep, and cherish. Because we believe there is as much pleasure in making a discerning, positive choice as there is in making a stylish one. Or as we like to say, choose “WORTH THE WEAR” fashion that is sustainably made without compromise on feel, form, or style. At LABELL-D we have curated everything with this in mind.

We want to end waste in fashion. Everything on our site has the potential to be a forever-piece. If not for you – because we know love may not last a lifetime – but then for someone else. Wear it as much as you desire but we will also show you how to care for it and repair it. This way if one day you finally decide to part ways, you can pass your purchase on to someone else who will love and cherish it.

Every product has a life cycle, and we believe you should know the whole story. So, on our site we will highlight how products are made in a socially and environmentally responsible way and their impact on people and the planet. From the sourcing, harvesting, and processing of raw materials, to design, manufacturing, shipping, and storage. This way we hope to show the true worth of each item in our curation and help you make more informed purchases.

We use real-time data to assess and evaluate everything on our site with a sustainability lens. Everything you see has been measured for its commitment, supply chain, production processes, materials and impact on people and the planet at an individual product level. This way we can judge whether it is worth the wear.