OVERLORD - Patchwork Jacket - Men - Camel


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A camel jacket tailored following the purest American workwear traditions. The pieces used to craft it was cut from trousers and overalls that first belonged to American carpenters or from Carhartt workwear outfits. The fabrics saved from ending up in landfill were transformed into a French worker's jacket, designed to live the urban life.

Made In

  • Made in Thailand


  • Main materials: 100% Upcycled cotton 


  • Made entirely from upcycled fabrics
  • Cut from old workwear
  • Standard buttoned closure


  • This style is designed for a regular fit


Overlord is a unique recycling brand that aims to keep materials out of landfills by patching up fabrics in order to make unique and incredible pieces for every wardrobe. Up to 35% of the world’s textile production ends up going to waste, in turn heavily polluting the environment. The Noragi jacket and bandana shirt are two signature pieces from the brand. The clothing is made in workshops partnered with the Universal Foundation for Persons with Disabilities, which aims to employ a higher number of handicapped craftspeople. The most unique brand with an amazing ethos.