ECOALF - Safety Mask - Women - Black



The leading silver ion technology for hygiene, protection, and freshness in everyday life as well as under extreme conditions. Test method for filtration efficiency EN14683:2019+AC:2019 Antimicrobial / Protection against bad odors. OEKO-TEX® and bluesign® approved, eco-friendly. This product is washable at low temperatures, reducing energy consumption.

    Made in

    • Made in Spain.


    • 100% Recycled Polyester
    • 100% Recyclable


    • Fabric produced with Silverplus® technology
    • 70% Filtration efficiency level
    • Antiviral & Antibacterial
    • Hydrophobic
    • Thermoregulatory
    • Reusable & Washable (maintains 100% of its properties for up to 60 washes)
    • Adjustable strap for extra comfort


    • Height at the ears: 6 cm
    • Height at the centre: 15.5 cm
    • Width (from the centre to the back): 13.5 cm

    Additional Info

    In order to properly use this mask in public, it is important that you follow these instructions: If you are ill, this mask is unsuitable. Seek advice from your doctor. This mask is not a medical device as defined by the Directive 93/42/CEE or Regulation EU/2017/745 (surgical masks) nor is it personal protective equipment in the sense of Regulation EU/2016/425 (respiratory protective devices). Always check that the mask is correctly fitted and covers your nose, mouth and chin. It is recommended that this mask be worn on bare skin; beards can reduce the filtration efficiency to below the set standards. If applicable: Masks are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. It is recommended that children between 3 and 12 years are supervised while wearing these masks. A mask which hinders the user's ability to breathe when first put on is deemed unsuitable. It can take time to become accustomed to. This community face covering does not replace protective measures (regular hand-washing, physical separation, reduced contact with other people). It minimizes the user's projection of saliva droplets into the environment. Do not use when participating in vigorous physical activity. Stop using this product at the first signs of damage. The mask, specified as reusable, should be washed before the first use unless recommended by its manufacturer. Do not use dry cleaning and fabric softener. Clean the reusable mask after each use.


    Ecoalf is quality and timeless fashion brand with a clear vision to use the minimum amount of natural resources possible. As proud members of the B Corp community, they ensure that all their decisions must be made with the aim of causing minimum environmental impact to the planet and the people. The label joined the #zeronet2030 commitment, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030. Ecoalf creates durable and responsible garments through sustainable, high-quality, functional products. The brand selects more responsible
    materials for their designs, such as recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled cotton, recycled wool and recycled tires. Ecoalf has launched their project ‘Upcycling the Ocean,’ which helps eliminate marine debris from the oceans with help from fishermen. This revolutionary project has had a positive impact on sea life and the planet as a whole. At Ecoalf, part of their team volunteered to join the initiative “1m2 against littered nature”. People meet to collect garbage from natural environments, the objective of this is to raise awareness and encourage other people to collect any waste to clean up nature.