ADIDAS - Superstar Vegan Shoes - Women - Black


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These shoes are entirely vegan and entirely eliminate the use of animal products and are made from recycled content.

      Made in

      • Made in Vietnam


          • 100% recycled rubber upper sole
          • 100% recycled polyester upper


          • Lace closure
          • PU-coated recycled polyester upper
          • Moulded sockliner
          • Vegan shell-toe trainers
          • Recycled rubber cupsole
          • All materials used in this product, including glues and colours, are free from animal ingredients


            Adidas strives to create the perfect blend between on-trend activewear and environmentally conscious products. Through their use of recycled plastics and polyester, Adidas aims to minimize waste and water pollution. The brand seeks to create sustainable products that protect the planet and people. They unite with us on the basis of shared values taking action to benefit our future. Adidas choose their materials carefully, employing vegan leather, rain-fed organic cotton, and Parley Ocean plastics, taking them a step closer to their sustainability goals. The brand aims to keep their products from being scrapped, adopting a “made to be remade” approach to design, aiming to keep the materials in circulation through recycling and exploiting their whole-life potential.