Venturi Bastille Cognac

The Venturi is made from a combination of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

  1. Conscious Material: This product contains organic cotton and recycled materials.
  2. People: At Labell-D we are committed to fair and responsible working practices. For this reason, we assess the working conditions of our brands through the ‘Good On You’ rating system, with the requirement that their minimum rating for the People category is "It's a start" - where brands score 3 out of 5. Veja' labour rating on Good On You is "Great", scoring 5 out of
  3. Positive Actions:
    1. NGO Support: ESPLAR and Diaconia
          4. B Corp: Veja is a certified B Corporation.
    Made in
    • Made in Brazil, in the region of Porto Alegre
      • Lining: Jersey 100% recycled polyester
      • Insole: Made out of wild rubber (12%), recycled plastic bottles (12%), jute (12%) and other synthetic materials
      • Midsole: Made from sugar cane (40%)
      • Sole: Made of 100% wild rubber from the Amazonian forest
      • Cushion: Latex in L-Foam 30% natural latex from Brazil & 70% synthetic latex
      • Upper in water-repellent suede Panels made out of leather, water-repellent suede, V-knit & TPU details
      • Logo V made of rubber
      • Made with Thermo Plastic Polyurethane
      • V side logo
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      Our Assessment Process

      We are committed to changing the status quo, making sustainable fashion the new norm. We believe sustainability demands transparency and being aware of how the clothes we wear are made. We must be conscious of the impact of that production and what actions our favourite brands are taking to protect our planet and wellbeing for generations to come.

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