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VeeCollective designs and makes some of
the lightest most versatile bags on the
planet. For travel, sports, shopping, work
and leisure. Your essential choice of bag
that effortlessly does whatever you need!
Responsibly manufactured using water
repellent 100% recycled nylon. Built to last.
Built for life.

Les Deux

Les Deux combines two completely
different styles; prep boy Ivy League
meeting the unpretentious street fashions.

While they make premium apparel, the
foundation of Les Deux was always to be
indiscriminate of gender, politics, cultural
backgrounds, and religious beliefs. They
believe in unifying human relations across
physical and cultural borders by defining
a visionary lifestyle based on compassion,
creativity and the freedom to aim high.

Shoreditch Ski Club

Shoreditch Ski Club launched in 2018,
a sustainably produced love
letter to city scrapers and alpine sun.

Puffa jackets made from recycled fibres,
knits using sustainably sourced
cashmere and organic cotton products,
Shoreditch Ski Club is a club for
anyone who likes their eco with attitude.

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